Music and Worship

Leader: Zetta Smith

Worship Ministry

October 2017

The fall is a very special time in the life of the church.  We have had several special Sundays since school began in August.

We had a special recognition for the students and teachers.  The children were asked to bring their backpacks for a special blessing by the Pastor.  We followed the theme “I Am a Promise” reminding the children that God is with them every day.

"Sunday School" is now part of Family/Youth night. Every Wednesday our young children all the way up to high school participate in fellowship, learning God's word and fun! We want to invite the families to share in this time together so we have pizza for all at 6pm then groups break out at 6:30pm until 7:30pm. It is a wonderful time to be together and share all we offer and all we have as children of God! Thanks be to God for those willing to follow God’s call to be leaders. We now have our nursery for children up to age 5;  Our attendants; Lisa Stom along with Bridget Greene care for and love spending time with these children. teacher. 

The first Sunday in October is a celebration of World Communion Sunday.  During this time, our service had a special emphasis on The Lord’s Supper.  People all over the world celebrate in many ways the sacred and holy time of accepting God’s forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus.

October 19th, we will celebrate the Laity of our church.  Who are the ministers of the church?  “I am the church, You are the church, We are the church together.  All who follow Jesus all around this world.  Yes we are the church together.

November 2nd we will take a moment to remember the Saints of TUMC who have gone before us to be with God during All Saints’ Day. If you know of anyone you would like to add, please contact me.  We will also offer a time for the congregation to mention loved ones.

Nov. 9th will be recognition to our veterans.  If you are a veteran, or know one, please send me a picture of that person, preferably in uniform, for our power point that morning.


Advent is a very special time in the Church’s calendar year.  Would you lend your time and talent and join the choir for special music?  We meet 7-8 (or a bit longer) every Thursday.  We pray, sing, laugh, and have a great time learning songs as an offer of praise in worship.  We need you!

In worship, our goal is to help lead the congregation closer to Christ in order to be ready to receive the words God has for us in the sermon. All people need to hear the “good news” and at Tioga United Methodist Church, we come together to live for the good news! The Living Word of God.

Please contact me if you would like to participate in any activity surrounding our worship service. Musicians, vocalists and all who would like to partake in our special programs.  Interests or suggestions are always welcome!

In Christ,

Zetta Smith, Worship Leader

  March 2023  
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